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Bikes in Amsterdam
Holland is a good example of
a country which prioritises
2-wheeled transport. Here, thousands of bikes are parked in Amsterdam city centre.

A transport system which facilitates bicycling and walking will reduce traffic congestion, ensure less toxic pollution, and lead to improved health and quality-of-life levels for us all.

  • Each Council to Employ a Bicycling Development Coordinator who will design and implement a bicycle programme. This will include working with planners to investigate the location of suitable bike lanes - with particular attention to safety and security - implement accessible bicycle parking systems, ensure safe-cycling education at all schools in partnership with police, and generally work to develop a bicycling-friendly culture, which ensures greater use of bicycles as an alternative to cars.

  • A Statutory Obligation to Provide "Due Consideration" to Bicyclists and Pedestrians in all new road planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance activities, either in or out of town. "Due consideration" has the meaning, as defined at
    - A presumption that bicyclists and pedestrians will be accommodated in the design of new transportation facilities;
    - the decision not to accommodate them should be the exception, not the rule; and
    - there must be exceptional circumstances for denying access through design or prohibition.

  • Increase Penalties for Driving Offences. Increased numbers of people in our towns and cities mean that the roads are becoming busier and more dangerous. Many people would cycle if it were safer. We also need to change the mentality of car drivers so they understand that cyclists and pedestrians should have the right of way.

  • Driving Fines ring-fenced and Spent on Bicycle and Public Transport Projects.

  • Penalties for Cycling Irresponsibly. If society is going to be happy to encourage more people to cycle, then just as car drivers will need to become more considerate of cyclists, then so cyclists themselves will need to be considerate of pedestrians. Thus, cycling on pavements and pedestrianised areas may need to become a minor offence in those areas where it becomes a problem or leads to safety concerns.

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