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Money spent on schools, and "class sizes", can be important determinants for a good education, but they are not, in themselves, the only requirements.

Ultimately, a good education depends upon the culture of the school. If a school has good leadership, high staff morale, a positive ethos, good teachers, discipline, well-behaved children, and proven teaching methods, then more can be accomplished than with money and small class sizes alone.

If a school does not have these essentials then you can throw money at it, and you can reduce class sizes as much as you like, but you'll still be turning out children who can't read, write, add-up or do their times-tables.


  • Abolish Public Private Partnerships (PPP) -- the new name for Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) as a means of funding schools, and replace this method of funding with a stream of debt-free money.

  • We Support Parental Choice. Parents have a right to decide how best to educate their children. This includes Private Schooling, Faith Schooling, Single-sex Schooling, Local Schooling and Home Schooling.

    However, while we support the Parents' Choice to send their children to whatever school they want, we also recognise that many parents do not have the luxury of a choice, and therefore our aim should be to raise all schools up to the level of the best schools.

  • Support the continuing existence of small, rural schools.

  • We Support a Programme of Investment in Public Libraries. A good library is a Street Corner University. Glasgow is presently leading the way in upgrading and expanding its library facilities and demonstrating its commitment to life-long learning. See for example, Anniesland Library.

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