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Independent Green Voice

No Foreign Wars for Foreign Causes

We support our brave servicemen and women, whose purpose is the defence of our country, not fighting endless foreign wars for foreign interests. We are opposed to the Iraq War and campaign for no war with Iran.

We see Britain's involvement in Iraq, and any involvement in Iran, as a direct consequence of subservience to the US/Israel axis and its strategy for domination in the Middle East.

When elected we will use our public profile in the Scottish Parliament to campaign for peace with Iran, and we will invite Iranian leaders, including President Ahmadinejad, to Scotland to dialogue with the Scottish people. Alistair will be uniquely able to take such initiatives, which MSPs of other parties will be afraid of doing because their parties will not allow them to take such independent action.


  • British Armed Forces are for the National Interest not a Foreign Interest. Our Forces are for the defence of British national interests, at home and abroad, which includes our people wherever they may be, our territory and borders, and our vital strategic interests worldwide. No foreign wars for foreign causes!

  • Containment and Deterrence before Armed Conflict. Armed conflict is unnecessary when a threat is effectively contained or deterred. Saddam's regime was very effectively contained. There was no way possible for him to invade another country or drop bombs on anyone. The strategies of containment and deterrence served their purposes effectively. The use of force was unnecessary.

  • Armed Conflict only when there is Clear and Present Danger to the National Interest.

  • In the Event of Armed Conflict, the Aim must be Clear, and Possible to Achieve, and there must be a Safe Exit-Strategy.

Our policy of "No Foreign Wars for Foreign Causes" would decrease the risk of terrorism in the UK.

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