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Independent Green Voice

Some of our Influences

The following are some of the modern independent green voices who have influenced the manifesto of our party Independent GREEN VOICE. There is, of course, no suggestion, that they would necessarily agree with everything in it, or with each other!

Eve Balfour for pioneering organics and founding the Soil Association.

Wendell Berry for reminding us it's agri-culture.

Prince Charles for leading through good example.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for his infectious enthusiasm and commitment to food sovereignty.

Edward Goldsmith for trail-blazing ecological consciousness.

Carl Jung for his spiritual and holistic approach to the entirety of our lives.

Jamie Oliver for popularising fresh, local and quality.

Carlo Petrini for showing us the benefits of slow food in a fast world.

Laurens van der Post for helping to incarnate Jung's ideas in our world.

Ernst Schumacher for revealing that at the heart of ecological awareness is the fact that small is beautiful.

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