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Alistair McConnachie explains why a vote for Labour on the Regional Ballot
is a wasted vote

The Regional Ballot, also called the Regional List, is the ballot for the entire Glasgow Region constituency. It is calculated by a system of Proportional Representation.

It is the violet-coloured, left-hand side of your ballot paper.

In Glasgow there are 10 parliamentary constituencies: Anniesland, Baillieston, Cathcart, Govan, Kelvin, Maryhill, Pollok, Rutherglen, Shettleston, Springburn, which each elect a candidate by first-past-the-post. Together, they make up the Glasgow Region constituency.

In 2003, the Labour candidate won in every parliamentary constituency.

In 2003, Labour took 77,040 on the Regional Ballot.

The number of total votes cast for each party on the Regional Ballot is divided by the number of seats which that party won in the parliamentary constituencies, plus 1.

Thus, the Labour vote on the Regional Ballot was divided by 11 -- the number of parliamentary constituency seats which it won in Glasgow plus 1 -- giving a figure of 7,703 which, as below, was not enough to elect a single member for Labour on the Regional Ballot. This indicates that voting for Labour on the Regional Ballot is a wasted vote!

Therefore, use this opportunity to vote for Alistair McConnachie, Independent Green Voice. Alistair only needs a maximum of 5.6% of the total vote to be elected.

Here we list each Party, its total number of votes on the Glasgow Regional Ballot in 2003, how its seats were calculated, and the order in which the seats were won.

There are 7 Regional List MSPs.

Labour 77,040 (divided by 11) = 7,003 = not enough to elect a single Regional MSP!

SNP 34,894 (divided by 1, the number of constituency seats won (0) plus 1) = 34,894 = the first Regional MSP elected -- 1
(divide again by 2 (1 MSP plus 1) = 17,447 = the third Regional MSP elected -- 3
(divide again by 3 (2 MSPs plus 1) = 11,631

SSP 31,116 (divide by 1) = 31,116 = the second Regional MSP elected -- 2
(divide again by 2) = 15,558 = the fourth Regional MSP elected -- 4
(divide again by 3) = 10,372

Conservative 15,299 (divide by 1) = 15,299 = the fifth Regional MSP elected -- 5
(divide again by 2) = 7,615

Lib Dem 14,839 (divide by 1) = 14,839 = the sixth Regional MSP elected -- 6
(divide again by 2) = 7,420

Green 14,570 (divide by 1) = 14,570 = the seventh, and last, Regional MSP elected -- 7

In the 2003 election, Independent Green Voice took 1,300 votes in the Kelvin parliamentary constituency alone. If this vote is repeated across the 10 parliamentary constituencies which make up the Glasgow Region then Alistair stands a very good chance of being elected!

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