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Independent Green Voice


Alistair McConnachie is standing for political party Independent Green Voice (IGV) on the Glasgow Regional List. He is the only IGV candidate standing at this election, and he stands a good chance of being elected. However, candidates of smaller parties often face the same objections to their presence in an electoral contest -- some of them as a result of apathy on the part of the electorate. Here we answer a few of them:

I won't vote for you because the Labour Party always wins around here.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. You misunderstand how the Regional Ballot works! We show here that Independent Green Voice stands a good chance of being elected on the Regional Ballot, which is the list calculated by proportional representation.

Furthermore, because of past voting patterns in Glasgow and the way in which votes are calculated for the Regional Ballot, it's a political fact that voting for Labour on the Regional Ballot is a wasted vote. This is because Labour always gets the majority of votes on the first-past-the-post ballot in Glasgow, and this will mean that Labour, as a matter of fact, will return absolutely zero MSPs on the Regional list!

Mark our words -- we are correct on this -- and we explain how this process will work, on this page. However, we emphasise that a vote for Independent Green Voice stands a good chance of returning Alistair as an MSP!

What difference, realistically, would one MSP make?
Firstly, MSPs which are not beholden to large parties, and who do not have to follow "the party line" are much more independent and able to say and do much more than an MSP who must follow his or her party. If we are to encourage the Scottish people to take more interest in the Scottish Parliament then we need to reinvigourate our political culture and this means returning to Holyrood a group of smaller parties. You can help that process by voting for Alistair McConnachie, Independent Green Voice on 3rd May, on the violet-coloured, left-hand side of your ballot paper.

Secondly, if Alistair is elected he will help to "break the mould" and ensure it would be far easier to have many more such candidates elected at the next Election.

Thirdly, every MSP -- especially small party MSPs -- can potentially hold the balance of power. An MSP can be elected on one vote. That vote could be yours! And as we've explained here, change starts today, not in some endlessly deferred future!

What will you do, as one man, if you were elected?
We've answered that question on our page here where we list the practical actions which Alistair will do in the Scottish Parliament, in addition to helping and representing his constituents and giving voice to the principles and policies upon which he makes his stand.

Around here, nobody cares about these things. You're wasting your time!
Everything is political and everyone is affected by politics, whether they want to be or not. As someone once said, "You may not be interested in politics but politics is interested in you." There is no point in complaining about what is wrong with the country, or "our lack of freedom of speech" if we are unwilling to exploit the many freedoms which we still possess. If we are in a position to do so, then we should always vote. If we don't, at the very least, do this, then we shouldn't bother ourselves, or others, to complain about matters!

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