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Independent Green Voice

About Alistair and Why he Can be Elected

Alistair McConnachie outside the Scottish Parliament

I live in Glasgow and I'm a university Law student.

I'm the founder of political party Independent Green Voice (IGV) and I am the candidate for IGV on the Glasgow Region ballot paper.

I'm also the editor and publisher of monthly magazine Sovereignty dedicated to developing principles and campaigning for policies based on Self-Determination: National, Local, Personal which has now been going for 95 consecutive months, and quarterly magazine Prosperity dedicated to freedom from debt slavery worldwide, which is now in its 76th issue.

I'm the author of economic manual Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals and I've spoken on reforming the debt-based money system in the House of Lords, Toronto, Chicago and Dublin.

During the '90s I was the Director of the Melville Natural Health Clinic in Edinburgh.

If elected I pledge to donate £10,000 of my salary each year to a Glasgow-based charity.

You can send me to the Scottish Parliament because I have a proven track record of success!

At the last Scottish election in 2003, I stood in the parliamentary constituency of Kelvin and took an amazing 1,300 votes -- which was 6% of the total vote.

If that result is repeated in each of the 10 constituencies which make up the Glasgow Region, then I will be elected to the Scottish Parliament!

I only need a mere 5.6% of the total vote in the Glasgow Region.

Your vote counts! On past performance, electing me as an MSP is clearly do-able!

You can make this happen by voting Alistair McConnachie, Independent Green Voice for the Glasgow Region, on the violet-coloured, left-hand side of your ballot paper on Thursday 3rd May!

An MSP can be elected on one vote. That vote could be yours!

We explain how the Glasgow Region votes are calculated on this page.

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